Secret Anti-Aging Skincare Test – What Those Cosmetic Big Boys Don’t Want You to Know!

Below are four simple anti aging skincare tests to test your anti aging skincare products quality and effectiveness!

* Anti Aging Skincare Test for Creams:

Put a small amount of the anti-aging cream in a spoon, heat it with either alcohol lamp or candle. A high quality anti-aging cream will boil like boiling milk and smells pleasantly. If there is any splitting, smoke and unpleasant smell during heating, and resulted an oily residue after the heating, your cream is either containing excessive mineral oil or having boride fillers.

* Emulsion? Let’s Test With Water:

Pour an appropriate amount of the emulsion into clean water. If it’s floating, it contains oil stone ester. Gently swirl the mixture, if it turns into milky white liquid, it shows that your emulsion contains emulsifiers, which means it fails the anti aging skincare test! Emulsifier can destroy your skin structure, causing skin sensitivity and is carcinogenic.

If your emulsion is sinking to the bottom when you pour it to the water, this proves that it doesn’t contain oil stone ester, and is safe to use!

* Silver Ring – Catch The Lead:

Applying lipstick on the back of your palm, then rub with a silver ring. Observe the color changing; it will turn black if the lipstick contains lead. The blacker it turns the more high level the lead it contains.

* Anti Aging Skincare Test with Iodine – Test The Anti-Oxidizing Capacity:

Mix iodine in clean water in a glass container with ratio 1:50. Mix your anti aging toner, cleansing milk, etc. in the diluted iodine solution (appropriate amount). If the tested sample is fully dissolves and produces a clear and transparent liquid, it proves its anti-oxidizing property. Otherwise, it proves its non anti-oxidizing property and thus doesn’t produce any significant anti-aging result to your skin!

I used to spend a lot on anti-aging skincare products. However, the results were quite disappointing. Some of them seems unsuitable to my skin type, while others are just do not work at all…

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